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: john fakara is the editor in chief of mad magazine, which believe it or not turns 60 this year. >> you wanted to do romney boo-boo >> reporter: he has been at the magazine for 32 years. >> we are the guys that were sitting in the cafeteria making fun of everybody. shooting milk out of our nose and doing all those other things. we just get paid for it now. i mean that's basically it. >> reporter: make fun of everything. that's pretty much the credo of mad. from film spoofs of jaws to those twilight vampire movies. to pot shots at politicians of all stripes. here's president richard nixon and vice president spiro agnew, famously dressed up like the con men from the sting. young readers weren't just getting a good laugh. they were learning to read between the punch lines. >> the thing about mad that's always been great and it's our one threat to the years is to question authority. to realize that most people are lying to you. even if they don't mean to >> mad readers knew that an ad for cigarettes was kind of a joke. a sick one. >> only to expose pomposity and dumbness and hidden agendas.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)